A Chrome extension that lets you transport your soul to your selected others through ambient lighting. Soul, as defined by the dictionary, is an essence of a specified quality.

We asked ourselves, what is the least amount of data we can get from others to feel their presence, without the pressure of initiating a conversation. Most of our lives these days are spent on the internet, which is a predominantly isolated activity. Our wish is to bring back the sense of comfort by creating this tool, to bridge the physical and digital worlds.

digitalSoul brings back feelings that root you in what matters, and the people who are most important to you. Made in collaboration with Skylar Jessen.

Code available on github.


How it works:
Users can download digitalSoul Chrome extension. After installing on their computer, they are connected to the lightbox wirelessly through the internet. Hence no matter where they are using the computer, their significant other that owns the lightbox will be able to see a blob moving. The more active their activity on the computer, the more blobs. Once they are idle, their blobs will slowly leave the lightbox as well. Watch it in action in the trailer video below.