Call me Adele

Text analysis texture pieces from the text messages with my ex. I explored with 3 different perspectives in mind: Say my name, Needy One, and Rambles. The piece is explained in detail on my medium post.

Code available on Github here.


Say my name

The first rendition was done on the name. I ran through JSON files and drew an ellipse on the canvas chronologically every time he texted my name. Click on image to see details.

Needy One

Next, I explored the dynamic between us. I checked the frequency of who texted who first and drew an ellipse for every time he said something, a line for every time I said something. Click on image to see details.



Lastly, I decided to do a word count to see if I can test the quality of our conversations. I drew a black, vertical line with the height as the number of words he sent and a grey line for what I sent. This one was the most unexpected to me because I was on a quest to find quality but what I found was the drastic change in quantity. Click on image to see details.